Sword Canes

The history of Sword Canes dates back many hundreds of years, to ancient Japan and the Roman Empire. Sword Canes were quite popular in 18th century Europe, primarily for concealed self-protection, however in later centuries they became more of a high-end fashion statement for the upper class. They were popular among wealthy gentlemen, and were widely used and collected throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. Constructed from a wide variety of different materials throughout the years, they were available in various unique styles and inventive designs, sporting lots of different gadgets.

Today they bring to mind visions of the dashing gentleman spy James Bond walking alone on a dark street. Suddenly he’s surrounded, and he pulls a sword from his umbrella cane. He successfully fends off his attackers with a few swipes of the shining blade, and he continues on his way as if nothing ever happened.

We offer a nice collection of Sword Canes, most of them having stainless steel blades that will resist rust and corrosion for many years. All of these stylish blades would make a welcome addition to your wardrobe or collection. Your self defense is assured having one of these so close at hand.

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